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GAN-e-meed Theatre Project’s first annual Summer Education program is ‘As You Like It’

GAN-e-meed Theatre Project continues their successful first season with Shakespeare’s As You Like It, a Summer Education program for young actresses.

Talk-backs scheduled for GAN-emeed Theatre Project’s all-female ‘Hamlet’

Following the GAN-e-meed Theatre Project production of ‘Hamlet’ on two Saturdays, the audience is invited to stay and discuss the production with members of the cast.

Photos! GAN-e-meed’s ‘Hamlet’

‘Hamlet’ performs in Lowell and Somerville during May 2010.

SerahRose Roth Answers the Proust Questionnaire

SerahRose Roth will be performing the title role in GAN-e-meed Theatre Project’s ‘Hamlet.’

Photos! A Sneak Peek at GAN-e-meed’s ‘Hamlet’

‘Hamlet’ performs in Lowell and Somerville during May 2010.

GAN-e-meed Theatre Project presents All-Female ‘Hamlet’

‘Hamlet’ will be performed in both Lowell and Somerville. From May 7-9, Hamlet will be performed at Gallery 119 in Lowell. From May 21-30 at the Café at Center for the Arts at the Armory in Somerville.

‘The Mouse Trap’, a short film, shoots in preparation for all-female ‘Hamlet’

The footage will now be edited and the final film will be screened during GAN-ә-meed Theatre Project’s stage production of ‘Hamlet’, with the on-stage cast watching the film.

GAN-e-meed Theatre Project celebrates Inaugural Season and Introduces Monthly Happy Hour for Women in Theatre

GAN-e-meed Theatre Project, founded to advance the role of women in theatre, will be celebrating the launch of their first season on Monday November 9th.