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Photos! ‘Farragut North’ at Zeitgeist Stage

Dirty campaign tricks, questionable journalistic practices, sex with interns – all the things that make American politics great are on display in Farragut North, the ultimate political power play. Set during a close presiden-tial race on the eve of the Iowa caucuses, a young press secretary’s perceived invincibility is shattered as he falls prey to backroom politics, manipulation from campaign veterans, and the wiles of a seductive young intern. With quick-witted banter and an inside look into the unique beast called the American Political Machine, Farragut North is a timely tale of hubris, loyalty and the lust for power.

Farragut North
by Beau Willimon
Directed by David J. Miller

Cast: Peter Brown, Catlyn Conley, Bil Salem, Dakota Shepard, Victor Shopov, Andres Rey Solorzano, & Zach Winston

Lighting Design: Dan Jentzen
Sound Design: Walter Eduardo
Costume Design: Fabian Aguilar
Stage Manger: Deirdre Benson

Presented April 30th thru May 22nd, 2010

Photos by Richard Hall/Silverline Image (tag archive).

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