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Orfeo Group presents ‘Island of Slaves’

Award-winning theatre company Orfeo Group is braving new theatrical waters once again with its upcoming production of The Island of Slaves by Pierre Marivaux, translated and adapted by Neil Bartlett February 11th-March 6th 2010. The young company, sprinting behind the sneakered success of summer 2009’s The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged), is temporarily residing at the Plaza Theatre at the Boston Center for the Arts, and they’re modifying the space to make it entirely their own.

“We want people to enter the Plaza space and become both immersed in and absorbed by the world of The Island of Slaves” says Orfeo Group core member Caleb Magoon. Orfeo Group aims to produce not only plays, but experiences for its audiences to connect with as well. Thanks to a recent seating upgrade, new configurations are possible for the first time in the Plaza, and Orfeo Group is taking full advantage.

In addition to their innovative use of a traditional theatre space, Orfeo Group is introducing a unique ticket pricing structure for this production. As Orfeo Group core member Risher Reddick recently stated in the Boston Globe, “the company has gotten creative with its tickets.” Since audiences tend to wait until the final weekend to see certain productions, Orfeo Group is giving folks incentive to “buy early”. During the first weekend, February 11th – 14th, all five performances, will be FREE of charge (Orfeo Group’s “OrFREEo” shows). The following week, February 17th – 21st will feature $18 tickets; subsequent weeks are $25 and $30, respectively. “This is an entirely new way of looking at ticket pricing which we hope will not only provide affordable theatre to Boston audiences but also remain aware of the financial constraints a venue like the Boston Center for the Arts presents. Additionally, we’ll underscore the not-so-secret reality that most shows improve over the course of a run, hence the rationale for paying a few bucks more towards the end of it.”

Finally, the company is thrilled to have a significant number of artists brand-new to Orfeo Group bolstering the ranks for the first time in The Island of Slaves. Orfeo Group core members Risher Reddick and Daniel Berger-Jones (recently featured as one of 16 “Bostonians to Watch in 2010” by the Boston Globe), will appear in the production, but Chicago-based director Kathryn Walsh helms a cast that also includes Orfeo newcomers Amanda J. Collins, Jared Craig and Hannah Husband. “This is a big step forward for us” says Orfeo core member Daniel Berger-Jones. “We are excited to open the Orfeo door to these incredibly inventive artists from the Boston theatre community and beyond.” Berger-Jones, Craig, Husband and Reddick are all graduates of Boston University’s College of Fine Arts.

The design and production team features the talents of more BU grads: Orfeo Group core member Caleb Jon Magoon (lights), Bill Barclay (sound), Cristina Todesco (scenic), Ryan J. Anderson (production stage manager) and Caryn Boehm (production essentialist). The design and production team is rounded out by Boston newcomer, Katherine O’Neill (costumes) and Caitin Lowans, currently the Director of Education at Stoneham Theatre (dramaturge).

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