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Photos! A Sneak Peek at ‘Private Fears in Public Places’

Private Fears in Public Places is cinematic play about the linked lives of six Londoners, the story moves seamlessly between apartment-hunting, solitary boozing, dating agency disappointments and a sour, bedridden patient getting more than he expected.

Six lonely people, six separate lives all searching for a connection – yet all strangely linked by circumstance. Does Nicola still love Dan? Will Dan stop his endless pub-going days and look for a job? Can Stewart, Nicola’s real estate agent, be on the verge of an office romance with Charlotte? What on earth is Charlotte up to on her 2nd shift job with her bedridden patient? Will Imogen, Stewart’s middle-aged sister, ever find true love in the personal ads? Does Ambrose, Dan’s bartender, have a secret life?

These are all combined with Ayckbourn’s signature plot developments such as a bed-hopping drunk and the suburban terrors of sex. However, the play is remarkable for its superb construction, sharp observation and understated air of melancholy.

Private Fears in Public Places
by Alan Ayckbourn
directed by David J. Miller
February 12 through March 6, 2010

Cast: Robert Bonotto, Shelley Brown, Michael Steven Costello, Becca A. Lewis, Christine Power, and Bill Salem

Lighting Design: Chris Fournier
Sound Design: Walter Eduardo
Costume Design: Fabian Aguilar
Stage Manger: Deirdre Benson

Photos by Joel W. Benjamin (tag archive).

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